There will be more details about the residence permit process and this page of our website will be updated very soon.


According to the new regulations, people who visit Turkey and stay for more than 90 days need to apply for a residence permit, including foreign students. Those who will stay in Turkey for less than 90 days do not have to apply for a residence permit. This procedure starts after your enrolment to our Pusula system/registration at Pamukkale University. 

Necessary documents are given as below and the details are explained step by step:

• Residence permit application form (from the link given below)
• Passport and passport copy
• Valid health insurance
• Photographs (4x) (with white background)
• Student certificate 
• Document showing your address (it should be notarised and you should submit your rental contract)
• Tax number 

Note: Those who already have a Turkish ID Card or Mavi Kart (Blue Card) do not have to apply for a Residence Permit.


Step 1: Residence Permit Online Application

Please follow the link of the Interior Directorate General of Migration Management in order to start your application process and click "I LODGE AN APPLICATION FOR RESIDENCE PERMIT FOR THE FIRST TIME".


After clicking, please select the type of application; "I WOULD LIKE TO LODGE A NEW APPLICATION".

After clicking "I WOULD LIKE TO LODGE A NEW APPLICATION", there will be a new page. You should fill your "Pre-registration Form" there which will have your personal information.


Very Important Note: It is your responsibility to follow the steps and the procedure for the residence permit. Please, aware of the news to be able to prevent the possible problems outside the law.  

For further information, you can also call  "Yabancılar İletişim Merkezi (YİMER)" (Foreigner Communication Center) = 157