2. EU Countries (KA103)

Students registered in a HEI and enrolled in studies are eligible to attend Erasmus+ KA103 projects. Pamukkale University students can attend Erasmus+ Mobility for both study and traineeship.

2.1. Student Mobility+ for Study (SMS)

Students of mainstream HEI can apply to Erasmus+ Mobility for Study Programme for 1 semester or 2 semesters (between 3-12 months) within 1 academic year. The study period abroad must be a part of the student's study programme to complete a degree at a short cycle, first cycle (Bachelor or equivalent), second cycle (Master or equivalent) and third or doctoral cycle. A study period abroad may include a traineeship period as well. Such a combination creates synergies between the academic and professional experience abroad and may be organised in different ways depending on the context: either one activity after the other or both at the same time. The combination follows the funding rules and minimum duration of study mobility.

2.1.1. Duration of the Activity

Study periods: from 3[1] to 12 months (including a complementary traineeship period, if planned).

Traineeships: from 2 to 12 months.

The same student may participate in mobility periods totalling up to 12 months[2] maximum per each cycle of study[3], independently of the number and type of mobility activities. Participation with a zero zero-grant from EU funds counts as well towards this maximum duration:

 during the first study cycle (Bachelor or equivalent) including the short short-cycle (EQF levels 5 and 6);

 during the second study cycle (Master or equivalent - EQF level 7); and

during the third cycle as doctoral candidate (doctoral level or EQF level 8). The duration of a traineeship by recent graduates counts towards the 12 months maximum of the cycle during which they apply for the traineeship.


2.1.2. Selection Criteria  

The selection criteria for participating in the mobility activities are defined by the HEI in which they study or are employed. The selection calendar is announced by the HEI and the applications are received until the deadline. To participate in the activity, the minimum requirements for the application are as follows:

Students should be registered at PAU and a full-time student (Bachelor, Master’s, PhD).

A minimum cumulative General Grade Points (GPA) for the undergraduates (BA) should be 2.20/4.00.

A minimum GPA for the graduates (MA or PhD) should be 2.50/4.00.

Students must satisfy the required European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) (60 ECTS for a single academic year, 30 for each semester).

As of the 2020/2021 academic year, in order to apply for Erasmus and other exchange programmes, the minimum language requirement for undergraduate students is 60 out of 100 points (PAU language exam) and 50 (YDS, e-YDS, YÖKDİL, IELTS, TOEFL etc.) while for the graduates is 65 out of 100 points (PAU language exam) and 55 (YDS, e-YDS, YÖKDİL, IELTS, TOEFL etc.). 


The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)




PAU Language Exam Equivalence





















2.2. Student Mobility for Traineeship (SMP)

Students of mainstream HEI can apply to the Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeship (work placement) Programme abroad in an enterprise or any other relevant workplace between 2-12 months. Traineeships abroad at a workplace are supported during short cycle, first, second, third-cycle studies and, in the case of mobility within Programme Countries, within a maximum of one year after the student’s graduation. This also includes the 'assistantships' for the student. In order to better support students to acquire the skills necessary for their future, a partnership between the Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 programmes has been established. This partnership will provide and promote further traineeship opportunities for students and recent graduates who wish to acquire digital skills and competencies required to perform jobs and thrive in an economy and society which is being continuously digitally transformed. Students and recent graduates from all disciplines are invited to apply for a traineeship in these domains. These traineeships are expected to take place in the EU Member States as well as in Horizon 2020 associated countries. Wherever possible, the traineeships should be an integrated part of the student's study programme.

NOTE: Students can attend both Erasmus+ for Study and also Traineeship during their study period; until graduation. Nevertheless, the activity period cannot be more than 12 months.

NOTE: Students should attend the orientations to be able to get information about the procedure for Erasmus+ for both study and traineeship. International Office of PAU will announce the dates of the orientation and explain the steps you should follow. Besides, finding and arranging the company for traineeship is the responsibility of the student, therefore, it is vital to attend the orientation sessions.


2.2.1. Grant Support for the Mobility of Study and Traineeship of Students:

Students receive an EU grant as a contribution to their costs for travel and subsistence during the period of study or traineeship abroad. These amounts are defined by National Agencies[4].


Country Groups

Programme Countries

Erasmus+ for Study Grants per Month (Euro)

Erasmus+ for Traineeship Grants per Month (Euro)

Group 1 and 2

Programme Countries

United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, South Cyprus, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Greece



€ 500



€ 600

Group 3

Programme Countries

Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland


€ 300


€ 400

[1] The minimum duration of a study period is 3 months, or 1 academic term or trimester.

[2] Prior experience under LLP LLP-Erasmus Programme and /or as Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders count towards the 12 months per study cycle.

[3] In one one-cycle study programmes, such as Medicine, students can be mobile for up to 24 months.

[4] Table below is defined by the Turkish National Agency for Turkish students.