General Information

There are one professor, one associate professor, one assistant professor and two instructors in the department. This department received first students in 2010-2011 Education year. Students take proficiency exam for Preparation Class. Throughout the preparation class and four-year programme courses concerning French language, literature, culture together with intensified English and German language courses. It is anticipated that at the end of the programme students will master two languages and the intensity of the courses are designed for this purpose.


The aim of the programme is to teach French Literature and Culture and form new perspectives by interpreting it with the Turkish Culture. Furthermore, among the primary aims are teaching to write in French, translating in French, speaking, comprehending and commenting at the highest level. The mission of our department is to enable students to understand the place of French Literature and Culture in Western Literatures and Cultures. After providing this, we aim at enabling students with the capability of comparing French Culture and Literature with Turkish Culture and Literature.


Fransız Dili ve Edebiyatı Lisans Ders Kataloğu ( Information Package and Course Catalogue)