2020-2021 Fall Semester Distance Education Application Information

Dear Students,

In our entire country, within the framework of the importance given to human health, it is envisaged that formal education institutions will continue with the distance education model. As a result of the decisions taken by the Senate of our University in August for the fall semester 2020-2021, due to the global Covid-19 outbreak, education activities are generally based on the 'Distance Education' model. After the examinations and interviews, a qualified interactive distance education model was developed that centered on students. Within this scope;

  • Loading weekly written and visual materials (*.pdf, *.ppsx, *.mp4, etc.) of the courses into the system, keeping materials registered in the system for use by students during the semester and making them accessible,
  • During interactive live lessons, as before the pandemia process, all students should examine uploaded course materials and actively participate in live lessons in terms of monitoring the requirement to continue,
  • After students who are unable to attend interactive live classes report their excuses through the live course system, the student will be able to re-watch the interactive live course recordings.

Dear Students,

As you know, there is an obligation to continue the execution of all courses in formal education. Therefore, as of October 5, 2020, the program will be implemented as a distant model of formal education. You need to participate in interactive lessons live and watch the course materials uploaded to the system at the specified time.  Students who are unable to participate in interactive live lessons by making excuses will be evaluated in the follow-up of the course.

With the decision taken by our university, the materials uploaded by the instructor at least a week before the time of the course will be acquired by our students and this will create preliminary information about the subject to be told.

During the course process, which our students conducted live with the instructors interactively during the course time, it is intended to make a better sense of the course materials examined by our students, consolidation of the acquired information and evaluation of the course.

The health of our students is important for our university and the most appropriate practices are being made for this. We are aware that our students miss face-to-face lessons to be conducted in the environment of our University. We want you to know that the faculty members of our University want to be able to carry out face-to-face educational activities with our students with the same longing.

We care about conducting the best educational practices in favor of the student and the interaction between the student and the faculty member in a mutual understanding, during the pandemia process.

However, as you have experienced before, it is possible to experience different technical problems from time to time. Our university also works on precautionary and alternative applications for possible situations. New applications that may develop within the scope of these studies will be announced to you as soon as possible from our official social media accounts and web page of our University.