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Lykos Valley and its environs have been an important trade intersection between east and west. Recent scientific studies have revealed that the region has always been the intersection of the region from prehistoric times to the present. Also, grapes grown in the fertile agricultural land, linen and silk fabrics obtained from sheep and wool produced from the highest quality textile products of the ancient world and the wines here were marketed all over the world and has a reputation in this regard. By the reason of this plenty and abundance, the cities where located in the region and people who living in these cities more come into prominence than cities where located in other areas financially. For this reason, the region is on important position in term of commercial, social, cultural and scientific.

Department of Archaeology primarily located in the area of the target excavation of the ancient settlement, investigation, documentation, archiving direction. In addition, students will be trained in the section with the region and Turkey will contribute to the development of archeology. Qualified and competent to work in the museum of the future graduates of the department on the way to the training of archaeologists will be opened. Our department Bachelor's, Master's and Phd Programme is working with the training programs. Prehistory in the Master's program, Protohistoria and Near Eastern Archaeology and Classical Archaeology major disciplines; In Phd Programme include Classical Archeology majors. Our department carries out to study its educational and scientific works with four classrooms which equipped with current technological equipment, one library, two research laboratories and five excavation / study rooms. There are five scientific excavations and one survey which under leadership of our faculty's members. Excavations and researches are supported by the university's Scientific Research Projects (BAP) and TUBITAK projects. Our academic personals have got published books and articles about their excavations and researches. In addition to this, there are many publications related to the study conducted by researchers in the area of our department.