Supervised Theses

  • ŞERİFE GÖKÇEDetermination of the Booster Chlorination Plans in Water Distribution Networks using Simulation Optimization Models, MS Thesis, 2014.
  • PINAR GÖKÇE DURGUTHydrological and Hydraulic Modeling of the Precipitation – Flow Relationships of Ergene Basin, MS Thesis, 2016.
  • DERYA SADAK, Identification of Receiving Water Body based Discharge Limits by using Simulation-Optimization Models, MS Thesis, 2017.
  • ERHAN TAN, Optimum Design of Sewer Systems by using Differantial Evolution Algorithm, MS Thesis, 2018.
  • TUĞBA ALTIPARMAK AY, Calibration of Conceptual Hydrological Models with Differential Evolution Optimization Technique: An Application for the Kucuk Menderes Basin, MS Thesis, 2020.
  • ABBAS GHOLAMİ, An Integrated Simulation-Optimization Approach for Dynamic Design of the Urban Wastewater Collection Systems, MS Thesis, (Ongoing).
  • MİRAÇ BUĞSE TOZAK, Identification of Aquifer Parameters and Parameter Structures by using Simulation-Optimization Models, MS Thesis, (Ongoing).
  • PINAR GÖKÇE DURGUT, Developement of Hybrid Hydrological Models for the Sustainable Water Resources Management, PhD Thesis, (Ongoing).