2020-2021 Fall Course Registration Announcement

Associate/Undergraduate students will be able to enroll courses on the following dates.

For Associate/Undergraduate students;

14-20.09.2020 Course registrations / registration renewals through the system.

Click here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk0L_yvt0UM) to watch the video on how our 1st grade students will make their course records.

*Associate/Undergraduate: Student Information System >Student Transactions /Menu > Course Registration/Add Delete Operations

*Faculty of Dentistry / Faculty of Medicine / Faculty of Law: Student Information System > Student Transactions / Menu > Dentistry / Medicine / Law Course Registration

*Minor / Double Major Students: Student Information System >Student Transactions / Menu > Sub-Branch / Double Major Course Enrollment

After logging in to https://pusula.pau.edu.tr with your username and password, you can register your course from the menu that is right for you.

For problems with Course Registration, please contact the student affairs office of the relevant academic unit.