Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why is foreign language education compulsory? 
English Preparatory Education is very important at our university because of our belief that our students will continue their studies in a way that they can follow international publications, have the opportunity to study at European universities where we have bilateral agreements during their undergraduate education, and have an opportunity to take part in international projects during their professional careers.
  • What time do the lessons begin?
Regular teaching classes in the morning modules begin at 08:55 and the secondary teaching lessons at 15:20. Lessons are 45 minutes.
  • Can the normal education student enter the course in the secondary education and the secondary education student in the normal education?
  • What is the content of the English Proficiency exam?
Proficiency exam B 1+ is an exam covering basic English, reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. You can review the sample exam on our website. (
  • How can they access the information regarding the Proficiency Exam?
Students can find out about the location, date and time information or details of the relevant exam from the School of Foreign Languages website announcements section.
  • Assessment Criteria
During the preparatory program, all assessment is evaluated over 100 points. Accordingly, a student's success assessment score as of the end of the module is as follows:
                                      Module Final Exam  
  Module Study (Portfolio, hw,..)
In order to be considered successful, the student must have a minimum score of 70 out of 100.
  • Attendance
Students must attend 85% of the lessons in each module in the preparatory program. Students who do not fulfill the attendance requirement are considered unsuccessful for the module they attend. These students are not taken to the Module Final Exam held at the end of the module, they repeat the same module.
  • I passed the Proficiency exam. Can I still continue with the preparatory program?
  • How to freeze registration?
Students can get information about the registration freezing process from the student affairs of the faculties they are enrolled in.
  • Can I freeze registration and take proficiency exams during the same year?
In order to take the proficiency exam, you must be an active student.
  • What is the procedure for getting medical reports in case of illness?
Students who cannot attend the exams due to their illness must prove this condition with a medical report. The reports must be submitted to the secretary general of foreign languages department at the latest within 3 working days after the report expires. Reports that do not comply with the above-mentioned procedure will be invalid. Medical reports are only for compensating inter-module exams. Reports are not valid for absence, quizzes, module final exams and proficiency exam.
  • If our teacher is late, will the lesson be canceled?
No. If the school administration is not told that the course cannot be held that day, you should wait for the course to start.
  • If the whole class does not come to class, will the course be canceled?
No. It is not possible for the students not to come to class.
  • Can my friend come to the class as a guest?
Students who are not students of the preparatory program are not allowed to enter the course.
For students of departments whose language of instruction is wholly and partially foreign language:
  • Can I get a certificate when I finish the English Preparatory Program?
  • Students who successfully complete the preparatory program are not issued a certificate, but a certificate of achievement is issued when deemed necessary.
  • If a student is absent from a module, can he/she take the midterm and the module final exam of that module?
  • If the student does not fulfill the attendance condition, he/she has to repeat the module and the student cannot take the final exam.
  • Will the students who are not successful in the preparatory program take the placement test again in the next academic year, or will they start from the higher level of their completed course?
These students must take the placement test again. They will be placed in classes again according to their redefined levels.
  • Will students be able to take the proficiency exam the following year if they fail due to absence?
    Yes, they can.
  • What are the options of students who continue the English Preparatory Program and cannot complete this program at the end of an academic year?
** The students of the faculties/departments/programs where the preparatory program is mandatory (students of departments whose language of instruction is completely and partially foreign language) have the right to take the Preparatory proficiency exam 3 times in each academic year. However, they can continue their preparatory education for a maximum of 2 academic years.
** If the students of faculties/departments/programs where the preparatory program is compulsory (students of departments whose language of instruction is completely and partially foreign language) cannot complete the preparatory program, they can complete it by submitting the grades they receive from the national or international exams accepted by the University Senate by developing their own foreign language skills.
** If the students of the faculties/departments/programs (where the language of instruction is completely and partially foreign language) are not able to complete the preparatory program within the legal period given to them, they can apply to an equivalent program with a Turkish language of instruction at another university through the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) upon their request.
For students who will optionally study in the preparatory program:
  • I declared that I wanted to attend the preparatory program optionally. Can I give up my decision later?
    Within the period determined in the academic calendar, students can submit their requests to the faculty by submitting a petition to the school directorate.
  • Do the students who attend the preparatory program on demand, take courses at different branches?
After the students of compulsory and optional departments are classified according to their levels in our school, they take courses in the same branches and are subjected to the same exams.
  • I will receive preparatory education optionally. Do I have to follow attendance?
    Yes. Attendance is mandatory in all departments of the English Preparatory Program. However, optional students can start their departments even if they do not fulfill the preparatory program successfully or the attendance requirement. However, they cannot obtain a preparatory certificate.
  • If students who are studying on demand are not successful at preparatory school, can they move on to their departments the next year?
Students in departments where the preparatory program is not compulsory have the right to move on to their departments in the next academic year if they fail. 
For more detailed information on application principles, see: 
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