Radiotherapy - Tomotherapy

Pamukkale University Hospitals Radiation Oncology Department was renovated in 2017 in terms of medical devices and location and it continues to
provide fully-featured oncological treatment services with 5 technicians, 3 medical physics experts, 1 nurse and 2 specialist doctors one of whom is a
member of the academic staff. As high technology products, Helical tomotherapy device, TOMO HDA system, Toshiba CT simulator and volo planning
system are used in our treatments.

Tomotherapy treatment concept performs all of the treatments linear accelerator systems are capable of administering.

In addition, the cases where the treatments conferred by the former is far superior to those given by the latter are as below;
- Head Neck Irradiation
- Mesothelioma Irradiation (Lung)
- Multiple Metastases Irradiation
- Secondary and Further Tumor Irradiations
- Complex Organ Preservation
- Irradiation of 40cm or larger Tumors in a Single Session (Single Tomotherapy)
- Total Body Irradiation / IMRT (Single Tomotherapy)
- Bone Marrow Irradiation / IMRT (Single Tomotherapy)
- Ovarian Cancer Irradiation (Single Tomotherapy)
- Simultaneous Integrated Boosts within Treatment
- Tomotherapy Craniospinal Irradiation
- Childhood Tumors
- Application of the technique called SBRT (stereotactic body radiation) on the organ specific metastases occuring in lungs, liver, surrenal and brain
- Preservation of neurocognitive region (hippocampus preservation) in the cases of brain tumors

- Applies the desired dose on the tumor while preserving the intact tissue
around it.
- Minimizes the side effect the patient experiences.
- Side effects such as dermatological reactions do not manifest during breast
and head neck treatments especially in patients who take good personal care.
- Reduces the possibility of hair loss to considerably low levels for patients
whose treatment plan is generated so as to protect the hair-bearing tissue in
brain irradiation procedures.
- Allows for irradiation to be performed continuously without irradiating tumors
located in different parts of the body separately and partitioning wide areas.
- The treatment and planning periods of the patient are remarkably shorter.
- Because the treatment is applied with the guidance of an image, the position
of the tumor is determined in 3 dimensions within the same day and the
treatment is applied in the most accurate way.
- Enables millimetric precision treatment to be applied on the patient with the real
single-day 3 dimensional computed tomography image.
- Tomotherapy allows for sharp and focused treatment planning.
- During the treatment, patients experience no pain whatsoever due to the
- With the tomotherapy device, patient’s comfort comes first and the patient
usually receives treatment lying on their back in a comfortable position.

Pamukkale University Radiation Oncology Department - Radiotherapy - Tomotherapy
systems successfully concluded the treatment of 600 cancer patients in the past
year. Our goal is to increase the work done towards stereotactic body irradiation and
preservation of neurocognitive functions in cases of brain tumor.

“Some treatments require the most advanced technology and high
sensitivity. We are here to meet exactly these requirements with our
fully equipped clinic and expert staff!”
Updated Date:4/3/2019 5:24:16 PM

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