Kidney Transplantation


Organ Transplantation Center was founded in 2004, and with our first living liver donation entered into service in 2006. It provides service to Denizli and nearby cities with growing potential of patients and brings off liver transplantation.

Kidney transplantation is the most popular treatment both as the ratio of patient survival and life quality. However, even if there are growing numbers of patients, there are limited numbers of donors. In Turkey, there are nearly 60.000 patients who gets dialysis treatment or waiting for transplantation. Nearly 22.000 of those patients are recorded in area coordination centers and waiting for kidney transplantation. However, average annual kidney transplantation is 3500. Unfortunately, most of the patients die while they are waiting for donors. In this regard, organ donation from cadaver is very important. Our center is very sensitive on this subject and with the help of organ transplantation coordinatorship and intensive care doctors and nurses, we have more cadaveric donors than previous years. Our kidney transplantation center has successfully transplated pediatric transplantations since 2012. With the collaboration of nephrology, pediatric nephrology and surgical team, we prepare our recipients and donors for transplantation transplantation and follow up processes according to indications and codes of conduct, Preparation phase is carried out extremely studiously. If there is no obstacle, recipient and donor are hospitalized at our clinic and kidney transplantation is started. Our patients are under the control of patient-oriented, experienced and expert doctors and nurses at our modern clinic. 

Organ Transplantation Center Manager in Charge: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat ÖZBAN

Expert in Charge: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat ÖZBAN

Assistant Expert in Charge:  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Onur BİRSEN


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mevlüt ÇERİ  

Pediatric Nephrology:

Professor  Selçuk YÜKSEL MD

Assistant Prof. İlknur GİRİŞGEN

Kidney Transplantation Polyclinic:

Nurse Türkan TAKIM

Organ Transplantation Coordinatorship:

Assistant Prof. Aslı METE

Nurse Betül AKÇAKAYA

Organ Transplantation Clinic:

Nurse Kadriye ÖNCEL

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