Cardıology Department

In the Cardiology Department of Pamukkale University Hospitals, identification, diagnosis and
treatment of all types of heart diseases are performed.
In our department, urgent coronary angiography (balloon and stent) procedures are performed
24/7 for patients experiencing cardiac arrest. In addition,
- Coronary angiography and balloon/stent applications,
- Cardiac catheterization,
- Pulmonary angiography,
- Treatment of congenital heart diseases (such as ASD) by interventional devices,
Diagnosis (Electrophysiological study, EPS) and treatment (ablation, pacemaker implantation) of
rhythm disorders are carried out successfully with the TAVI application.

Cardiology Clinic Equipped with Modern Technological Equipment has;

- Three polyclinics, -Service, -coronary intensive care unit,-Echocardiography,
- Stress test, Holter (EKG and blood pressure), -Tilt table test laboratories; arrhythmia center and
coronary angiography and catheterization laboratories.

The academic personnel at Pamukkale University Hospitals, highly skilled teaching staff members’
knowledge and experience form the most significant basis for all the success stories standing out
in this field. Diagnoses and treatments are given in a multitude of healthcare centers and laboratories
in addition to academic member polyclinics. The Cardiology Department has a substantive place
in student and assistant (specialization) education and scientific studies (national and international)
as well as its importance in terms of health services.

“In Pamukkale University Hospitals Cardiology Department
We take good care of your heart...”

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