Pamukkale University Hospitals Gamma Knife technology and application center provides health services with an alternative and effective treatment applied
in the cases of brain lesions with minute surgical risks.


Gamma Knife is a high technology device. It is a single session treatment that is applied by projecting radiation beams onto the anomalous area in
the brain with a special planning technique from 192 different directions.
As opposed to radiotherapy, the beams do not inflict any damage on the brain tissue they pass through. This is a major advantage. The term Radiosurgery
was preferred for this operation because it effectively takes systemic lesions under control. It creates no wounds because it doesn’t require any incisions.

- Some benign and malignant brain tumors
- Venous anomalies of the brain
- Trigeminal neuralgia

A 3D stereotactic plan is generated based on the tomography and MR scans taken by a special helmet worn on the day of the operation and treatment is
applied on the lesion with millimetric precision. Thus, the healthy nervous tissue around the lesion is left intact.
The treatment is carried out successfully by expert academic doctors and technologically proficient personnel, creating effective treatment solutions. The
main principle in the Gamma Knife system, whereby the risk factor is minimized, is effective, fast and risk-free treatment of brain lesions.

“No risk! No time loss! Only an enjoyable life for you in Pamukkale!”

What is Gamma-Knife?

What is Gamma-Knife?

Gamma knife is an extraordinary method that allows brain surgeons to perform surgery in the abnormal areas of the brain without any need for any incisions. In this surgical method, which differs from radiation therapy, treatment is completed in one seance. It is usually the preferred method when open brain surgery is not possible or has high risk.

How to treat with a Gamma-knife?

First, a metal frame is fixed to the head so that the head can be held steady. This is vital to ensure that the treatment is done correctly and that radiation is given exactly where it is needed. After a light breakfast, the patient who is coming to the hospital is given a metal frame within about 10 minutes. During this procedure, local anesthesia is applied to the areas where the frame is placed in the head.

After the image of the diseased area is taken after the frame is well placed, the treatment is started. The required position is taken in the frame, the patient is placed in the treatment machine and as comfortable as possible. The operations to be done are told to themselves. Then the patient is moved into the machine and radiation therapy is started. After each beam is delivered to the correct position for the required time, the patient is removed from the machine.

What types of brain tumors can be treated with a gamma knife?

With the gamma knife, both benign brain tumors (meningiomas, pituitary adenomas, acoustic neuromas) and malignant brain tumors (brain metastases, glial tumors) can be treated. In addition to gamma knife brain tumors, vascular diseases (arteriovenous malformations) and functional brain diseases (trigeminal neuralgia, parkinsonism, epilepsy) are also used.

Updated Date:4/3/2019 1:28:32 PM

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