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Dear Youths,

One of the most essential decisions in our life time is “choice of profession”.  Depending on this choice,    questions of “in which city and in which university we will be studying” should be replied. I would like to state few important points for guiding you, in your decision process and help you to make right career choice.

First of all, I truly believe that choosing a career that fits your character, satisfies your soul, and study with passion and work in pleasure will make you happier and more successful.


The passions are the winds which fill the sails of the vessel; they sink it at times; but without them it would be impossible to make way. VOLTAIRE


Industrial engineers are involved in the design, development and management process of service systems (health and finance institutions) and industrial systems (electronics, metals, machinery, textiles, cables, etc.) for optimal use of manpower, machines, materials and energy. Industrial Engineering can be suggested as a suitable profession for the candidates that have skills of analytical thinking, ability to work in a team, strong social relationships, potential to change their selves and the system for continuous improvement.


I would like to briefly explain the reasons to choose Pamukkale University Industrial Engineering Department:


QUALIFIED ACADEMIC FACULTY: Academic faculty is the most important element in a department to gain professional knowledge. We have young academic staff that studied both in our countries’ prestigious universities and abroad and they combined their theoretical knowledge with practical experience in their areas. Opportunity to work with academic staff that has strong communications with students and that provides career guidance to the students when needed is very important.


CURRENT TRAINING PROGRAMS AND COURSE CONTENTS: Our industrial engineering program is designed by considering the competencies and global trends. The language of the department is Turkish but English and Technical English are compulsory. In addition, our department has one year English preparatory program. The content of the classes cover both theoretical knowledge and implementation projects. These projects are applied in the companies of Denizli where is situated among the few industrial cities of our country. We are currently working on MUDEK Accreditation System. It is targeted to apply on 2014-2015 Academic Year. In addition, the employment rate of our graduates is determined as 98%.




INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE PROGRAMS (ERASMUS, FARABI and MEVLANA): Our students are encouraged to study abroad with the help of international exchange programs. In this context, our department has exchange agreements with universities in Germany, France, Greece, Poland, Portugal, China, Thailand, and Georgia. Furthermore, there are also exchange agreements with universities in our country. Each semester approximately 30% of our students take advantage of these programs. These programs are valuable opportunities to gain experience in the new cultures and systems.


STUDENT'S SOCIAL, CULTURAL AND SPORTING ACTIVITIES: Our department’s active student club, Innovation and Leadership, and Industrial Engineering Community are available for all students. These clubs organize various social events such as conferences, seminars and workshops with the corporation of department students.  There is a Theater Building in our campus and many theatrical and artistic events are held during the semesters. Furthermore, Turkey's largest indoor sports complex including swimming pool, dance halls and techno fitness center are available at our campus.



ACCOMMODATION AND HOUSING FACILITIES: Both state and private facilities are available to meet the housing requirements. Government dormitory which is located on Campus has shelter capacity of 4150 female and male students. There are also several other options available for the students.


SCHOLORSHIPS AND PART-TIME WORK OPPORTUNITIES: University offers different scholarships based on students’ economic status and academic performance. Additionally, different civil society organizations in the region also offer scholarships to students.


LIFE IN DENIZLI: Denizli is a well-known city with ancient cities such as Pamukkale, Karahayıt, and for its natural beauty such as caves and waterfalls in Kaklik. Moreover, with 45,000 university students, Denizli is a lively student center. Furthermore it is one of the industrial cities with health care organizations and shopping malls.


If you prefer Pamukkale University Industrial Engineering Department, we are not only offering you a degree, we aim to prepare you for tomorrows as leaders with our principles.



Prof. Dr. Aşkıner Güngör