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      About the Department
      English Language and Literature Department started its studies in 2002. The permanent academic staff is formed of 1 professor, 2 associate professors  2 assistant professors, 2 lecturers and 2 research assistants. After the Prep-class great importance is given to the English language education at the first year of the 4 years’ education. In the second year, there are classes concerning 18th century poetry, novel and prose. In the third and fourth year, classes are mainly related to the 19th and 20th century literature. Besides the close examination of these two centuries selected works of English poetry, novel, and theatre are dealt with. In addition to this, some writers of American Literature are also examined. It is also aimed at providing students with capabilities of writing in English by teaching Translation and Composition classes. With the aim of enabling students to make research and anaysis, the students have to make a study of graduation thesis formed of 8000-10000 words. The graduates of this department are able to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, banks, sector of tourism and various private schools and companies.

      The aim of the department  is to teach English Literature and Culture and form new perspectives by interpreting it with the Turkish Culture. Furthermore, among the primary aims are teaching to write in English, translating in English, speaking, comprehending and commenting at the highest level. The mission of our department is to enable students to understand the place of English Literature and Culture in Western Literatures and Cultures. After providing this, we aim at enabling students with the capability of comparing English Culture and Literature with Turkish Culture and Literature.

      Admission Requirements
      Students are required to get sufficient point in University entrance exams held annually by the Student Selection and Placement Committee. 

      Career Opportunties
      Graduate students have the opportunity to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, banks, tourism firms, in various schools as language teachers.