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The Faculty of Education combines professional, academic and research objectives in line with the university's traditions of high standarts. These objectives are to train teachers and educators qualified to teach at every educational level and to foster intellectual preparation and development. The Faculty consists of nine departments with seventeen different programs. The Faculty of Education also cooperates with the Graduate School of educational to offer graduate programs which train students as prospective researchers and academics. The Faculty of Education gives personal attention to its students and uses creative approaches in the development of programs of study to meet the needs of prospective teachers, educators and counselors. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of a wide variety of extra-curricular activities such as sports, theater, cinema, music and various clubs and societies on campus. Incoming Erasmus students can choose from a list of obligatory and elective subjects adapted to be followed in English at http://www.pau.edu.tr/egterasmus/en/haber/courses-for-erasmus-students