According to this vision, Pamukkale University aims;

To become a learning, research and innovation center for all students, personnel and individuals, by equipping students with universal qualities, to make them active individuals who will have individual initiatives and who won’t have difficulty in making decisions.

To follow an education policy which will provide the best employment opportunities for its members, and to carry on this policy according to the intensive relations within the business world and within society.

Our Basic Values are

Openness and Transparency

Our managerial/administrative activities are open to all our institutional shareholders.  Our managerial/administrative activities are at all levels clear, transparent and accountable and can be explained, by supporting the internal/corporate communication. Relations are created between individuals and institutions and among individuals with trust and confidence.


All individuals involved in our university are treated fairly, without any discrimination and shown respect for merit and labor.

Being Scientific

All studies at our university are completed in a scientific manner. The obtained information is used in accordance with scientific ethic.

Respect for the Environment

While our university is producing and carrying out knowledge and technology, it tries not to negatively affect the social and physical environment. And endeavors to protect the environment and enhance environmental awareness.

Aesthetic Sensitivity

The physical places where we create and present our products are regulated in accordance with the environment and with an aesthetic sensitivity.

Search for excellence

With the determination to always provide the highest quality and the best service, Pamukkale University acts with the idea of continual development and improvement.


During the production of information, academic studies and education-instruction and academic activities, all members of Pamukkale University use their own free will. The front of creativity, innovation and scientific activity and research and its limits of freedom are determined by humane, ethical values.

Social Responsibility

During its activities, our university, primarily discusses and deals with the results for the benefit of the society. At local, national and international levels, it aims to contribute to society. Therefore social responsibility projects at these levels are handled as a priority.

Being application-oriented

In parallel with our understanding of social responsibility, as a priority we strive to produce applicable information needed by our near surroundings.

Training High Qualified Persons

It is accepted by all that learning is a lifelong activity. In this context, We pursue the ‘life-long learning process’ as being respectful to universal human and moral values.