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    In Press
    Kalaycı, C.B., Polat, O., Gupta, S.M. (Article in Press) "A hybrid genetic algorithm for sequence-dependent disassembly line balancing problem",Annals of Operations Research, (Article in Press), <DOI>.
    Kalayci, C.B., Hancilar, A., Gungor, A., Gupta, S.M. (Article in Press) "Multi-objective fuzzy disassembly line balancing using a hybrid discrete artificial bee colony algorithm", Journal of Manufacturing Systems(Article in Press)<DOI>.
    Güner Gören, H., Tunalı, S. (Article in Press) "Solving the capacitated lot sizing problem with setup carryover using a new sequential hybrid approach"Applied Intelligence, (Article in Press), <DOI>.
    Çapraz, O., Polat, O., Güngör, A. (2015) “Planning of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recycling Facilities: MILP Modelling and Case Study Investigation”, Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, (Article in Press), <DOI>.
    Coşkun, S., Özgür, L., Polat, O., Güngör, A. (2015) "A Model Proposal for Green Supply Chain Network Design Based On Consumer Segmentation", Journal of Cleaner Production, (Article in Press), <DOI>.
    Kulak, O., Guner Goren, H., Supciller, A.A. (2015) "A New Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach for Medical Imaging Systems Considering Risk Factors", Applied Soft Computing, (Article in Press), <DOI>.
    Polat, O., Kalayci, C., Mutlu, Ö., Gupta, S.M. (2015) “A Two-phase Variable Neighborhood Search Algorithm for Assembly Line Worker Assignment and Balancing Problem Type-2: An Industrial Case Study”, International Journal of Production Research, (Article in Press), <DOI>.
    Kalaycı, C.B., Polat, O., Gupta, S.M. (2015) “A variable neighborhood search algorithm for disassembly lines”, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 26 (2), 182-194, <DOI>.
    Güler, M.G., Keskin, M.E., Döyen, A., Akyer, H. (2015) "On teaching assistant - task assignment problem: a case study", Computers & Industrial Engineering, 79, 18-26 <DOI>.
    Polat, O., Kalayci, C.B, Kulak, O., Günther, H.-O. (2015) "A perturbation based variable neighborhood search heuristic for solving the vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery with time limit ", European Journal of Operational Research, 242 (2), 369-382, <DOI>.
    Köse, S.Y., Demir, L., Tunali, S., Eliiyi, D.T. (2015) “Capacity improvement using simulation optimization approaches: A case study in the thermo-technology industry”Engineering Optimization, 47 (2), 149-164, <DOI>.

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    Kalayci C.B., S.M. Gupta (2014), “A Tabu Search Algorithm for Balancing a Sequence-dependent disassembly line”Production Planning & Control: The Management of Operations, 25 (2), 149-160, <DOI>.


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