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  1. World Bank/National Education Development Project Grant, 1999.       

Study visit to Teacher Training Agency (TTA) and OFSTED (The Office for Standards in Education in London on Accreditation & Standards in Education in UKbetween 21-23 June, 1999.


Participation in Seminars and Workshop Program on Accreditation & Standards in Education in USA by Arizona State UniversityInternational Project Unit in Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA between 24-29 June, 1999.


  1. World Bank/National Education Development Project Grant, 1997.       

Study on teacher training in England in Leeds University for 10 weeks

between 7 April-14 June, 1997. 


3.   United States Information Service  International Visitor Scholarship, 1994.

Visits to English Language Teaching  and TEFL departments in 15 universities between 12 February-13 March, 1994 on language teaching and language teacher education, material selection, material preparation and usage, language teaching syllabuses, setting up a language lab, using technical equipment in teaching language and language preparatory programs.


     4.   British Council-ODA project  Scholarship, 1992.

Study visit  in Aston and Birmingham Universities between 7 June-15 September, 1992 on pre-and in-service language teacher education.


5. Bilkent University-USIS, MA TEFL Program, 1988.

I attended MA TEFL Program in the Institute of Economy and Social Sciences, Bilkent University in 1988, and graduated in 1989.


6.  British Council Grant for Summer School, 1988

Attending a summer school course on teaching English as a Foreign Language in Leeds for six weeks