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The goal of the Department of Art History, in a particular cultural heritage to the students to gain a certain perspective view of art. With a dominant level of knowledge in this field of art conservation and values to be successful in to the researchers is to educate. Students who are included in this section, in the context of Turkish culture and the world of art for art lessons to get the information and development in this direction are made.

This objective may  need while they can balance and merge; technical drawing, photography, Islamic Art, Western and Contemporary art, Byzantine Art, Art History, terminology, aesthetics, mythology and iconography, Ottoman Art, Seljuk art, civil architecture, ceramics and tile art, history of environmentalism and museology, numismatics, Ottoman have to see such courses. Students, departments may participate in the excavation of the research continued.

A Art Historian painting, sculpture, architecture, crafts All of the decorations, miniature, etc. identify and evaluate works of art in frames can collecting.

If business areas; graduates of the department, under the Ministry of Culture in museums and conservation boards, Turkey Electricity Authority, highways, etc.. İn public institutions, tourism Ministry can work as a specialist within the field of tourism and the guidance given under the Ministry of Education may teach in secondary schools. Graduates generally Ministry of Culture, Monuments and Museums General Directorate, General Directorate of Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage and museum assistant; Tourism Ministry and the General Directorate of Foundations of research expertise; special counseling and guidance services in the tourism sector have to do.