The Division of Molecular Biology is one of the centers of research in the life sciences at Pamukkale University. The division offers exciting opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to pursue their goals in diverse areas of research.

The study of Molecular Biology is one of the most rapidly advancing and exciting areas in biology today. One of the unique characteristics of MB is the natural and complementary fusion of incredibly powerful molecular biological methodologies such as cloning, gene splicing and gene expression with the classical biochemical strategies for dissecting structure and function of macromolecules.

Molecular Biology is the study of the function and structure of genes, cells and intracellular molecules, and how they regulate the growth and the specialization of living cells. It is the basic science for study by those who want to work in the exciting new biotechnology industries. It has important practical applications in everyday life such as the use of genetically engineered organisms to produce new and better vaccines, insulin for the treatment of diabetes, growth hormones for the treatment of growth defects, antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs, as well as the production of more efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural systems.

For the future, molecular biology holds the promise of improved livestock; the development of disease-resistant, drought-resistant crops, the easier diagnosis, molecular reorganization, and even curing of genetic diseases in man.




Prof. Dr. Nazime MERCAN DOĞAN
Head of Molecular Biology


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Prof. Dr. Ali R. ALAN


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Prof. Dr. Fevziye ÇELEBİ TOPRAK


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Asst. Prof. Caner VURAL 
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