Designed for students interested in general biology. The division offers exciting opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to pursue their goals in diverse areas of research. The curriculum gives students a broad training in plants (fungi, algae, protists and terrestrial plants) and animals, including their structure, function, development, diversity, and ecology.

Graduates from these programs have found employment in laboratory and field research, in teaching, in private enterprises, and In government agencies. A number have gone on to graduate school.

Prof. Dr. Şevki ARSLAN

Head of General Biology 
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Prof. Dr. Alaattin ŞEN 
+90 258 296 3574


Asst. Prof. Gürçay Kıvanç AKYILDIZ
+90 258 296 3575


Res. Asst. Kübra KOCABIYIK
+90 258 296 3530