The Division of Zoology has purposely maintained a broadly integrative approach that is apparent in our research and educational activities. From subcellular phenomena to organisms and populations, we encourage a deep understanding of animal life. The division offers exciting opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to pursue their goals in diverse areas of research.

The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Zoology is designed to give students a broad exposure to the basic principles of the development of animals, their systematics, their structure and function as well as their relationship to the environment. This program provides a solid foundation in the biological and physical sciences in preparation for careers in biology and for graduate study.




Prof. Dr. Eyup BAŞKALE

Head of Zoology

e-mail: ebaskale@pau.edu.tr    

Pbx: +90 258 296 3899  




Prof. Dr. Yakup KASKA

e-mail:  caretta@pau.edu.tr    

Pbx: +90 258 296 3668

web: http://www.yakupkaska.com 



Prof. Dr. Mustafa DURAN

e-mail: mduran@pau.edu.tr 

Pbx: +90 258 296 3673

web: http://mduran.pau.edu.tr/



Prof. Dr. Serdar DÜŞEN

e-mail: sdusen@pau.edu.tr   

Pbx: +90 258 296 3674


Prof. Dr. Raşit URHAN

e-mail: rurhan@pau.edu.tr   

Pbx: +90 258 296 3666



Prof. Dr. Yusuf KATILMIŞ

e-mail: ykatilmis@pau.edu.tr    

Pbx: +90 258 296 3627

Asst. Prof. Abdullah Melekoglu

e-mail: amelekoglu@pau.edu.tr   

Pbx: +90 258 2967403