FTP Settings
     FTP, is used especially by web site managers / designers and used by software developers, many people use it as a file transfer protocol without even being aware of it. Its purpose is to complete basic file operations and to transfer files over the network. FTP protocol, operating systems can be used from the command line.  Filezilla is a popular FTP program; it is an open source project and has awards in the network category. Until only a short time, it only had a Windows version but is now available in a version that can be run on Linux.
    I wanted to mention about it briefly as it is a program I have used for a very long time.
It supports FTP, SFTP protocols by using (SSH2)
by opening multiple connections at the same time; it uploads and downloads very quickly in bulk.
If you are frequently connecting, especially to FTP sites, it records them all at single point, and categorizes them so that can be easily managed.
You can save your file information, which is waiting in queue to be transferred, as an xml file. And can at anytime, open and resume your transfer on another machine.
You can limit Download / Upload speeds and stop it exploiting your connection. It authorizes you to, easily organize arrange and edit files listed, from a remote machine, and uploads / downloads the required process for this purpose, in the background without reflecting it on you.  The project also has a FTP server solution. Through this program it allows other machines you to connect to your machine via ftp, for example, you go take laptop to your neighbor and want to share files, to perform this operation you are faced with great security barriers that prevent you. Thanks to Filezilla server you can easily share your files via ftp.
     To download the program go to: http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/

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