Antivirus Software
Computers located in our university have Kaspersky Anti-Virus software installed. For this software to run, anti-virus software used in the past, such as Avast, Norton, BitDefender, NOD32, McAfee, etc... Need to be removed. 

 The software can be accessed at For access you will be prompted for a user name and password. This is the user name and password used to access your e-mail. After the page opens and the operating system used, is selected, and the download button is pressed and the program opened the anti-virus program will be installed on the computer. The program will become operational after these procedures have been completed, and the computer has been restarted.
The Antivirus software monitors and cleans the computer, in real time, from viruses and worms and protects office documents and files stored on the computer. Though as with any software platform there is always a low probability of viruses, worms and Trojan horses not being identified. 

For this reason, you should use programs such as MSN that can download external files, with caution.  

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