Acıpayam in which our vocational high school was founded,is located in South-west of the Anatolian Peninsula  and southeast of the Aegean region.Its  area is 1.925 km2 and ıt is the largest district of Denizli. Acıpayam has transition point between the  Aegean and Mediterranean Region and its borders are; to its east, Yeşilova, Tefenni, Gölhisar, Çavdır which are Burdur’s districts and to its West, Tavas and Beyağaç districts, to its North Serinhisar and Çardak districts, to its South Çameli district and Köyceğiz which is the district of Muğla. The towns population according to 2012 data is 55.971 people. People living in the city centre is 13.746. There several reasons why Acıpayam has good commercial life. These are towns and villages are near to the city centre, tranportation facilities, historically the largest market, national and international scale fabrication based production centers and it is also education centre from the centuries.

Vocational schools are schools which meet the needs of in a particular profession with undergraduate education. Our vocational high school opened on 05.07.2002 to respond the demand and ensure the workforce. Since then, it continues education and tranining. For these purposes, Acıpayam Vocational High School with its specialist teaching staff shares information to our students and it takes support from institutions and organizations in order to teach our students ability to use information they acquire. Students are studying in the classrooms in which all kinds of technological equipment and laboratories are available. Acıpayam Vocational High School brings together sector representatives and students with various activities (panels, conferences, symposiums,etc.) in order to base on its aimed training model. After training curricula  was supporded by industury representatives, students who are output of education and input of bussiness world are grown along with sector representatives.

National and international science and technology and industry organizational ties with the advanced corporate culture and identity is strong, nationally and internationally qualified universities and equivalent education and research agency, Pamukkale University, Acıpayam Vocational High School in the 2013-2014 school year as of the seven section (7), eight (8) programs are available.