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The aim of the program is to train personnel who can work in the service areas of the textile industry. Textile and garment are one of the most labor-intensive sectors, which are important components of the industrialization process and which contribute significantly to the development of developing countries. Competition in terms of both supply and demand has become sharper with the removal of the quotas in this sector, where the competition is highly intensive in the world. Increased quality pressure also increases the need for qualified, technical personnel. With the Textile Technology Program, it is aimed to educate high-level intermediate staff who will contribute to the sector.


Students who have enough points in the University Entrance Exam or who have passed the exam without the qualifying exam are entitled to start the associate (two-year) degree program of the department.

It is determined by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) in accordance with the relevant legislation of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).


The student moves internally and externally in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).


a) Textile Technology Program Students who have successfully completed all the courses in the curriculum and 36 working days of the training and work (internship) experience receive the title of Textile Technician. Graduated students are given an associate degree diploma in Textile Technology Program.

b) When the student is graduated, the courses and modules showing the qualifications gained during the training period are indicated in the annex (academic transcript) of the diploma.

c) When the student leaves the program; a certificate showing the qualifications, courses, and modules gained during the training is given. Professional competencies gained in the program are evaluated in career development, certificate programs and, when requested, in transfer to all other programs.


Level 5 academic and professional qualifications related to knowledge, skills, comprehension, practice, analysis, synthesis, creativity and evaluation are given.


Students, who graduated from the Textile Technology Program in line with the qualifications they gained, are employed as intermediate staff in the yarn, weaving, knitting and dye-printing factories in the textile sector.