PAU Faculty of Technology was founded by 2009/15546 numbered decision of the Council of Ministers of Turkey. The faculty was established with 5 departments in 2011 and started student admissions for Manufacturing and Mechatronics Engineering departments in 2012-2013 academic year. Automotive Engineering, Material Science & Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Departments will start student admissions in the coming years.

The Faculty of Technology is different from other faculties in point of establishing aim, syllabus and organization. One semester Workplace Training is compulsory at the Faculty of Technology. Compulsory internship is not included in Workplace Training. Therefore, students will have opportunity to know their jobs and work environments before graduation and they will graduate as experienced engineers.


A number of Consultative Committees, consisting of various industry sectors' experts and executives, has been established in order to train students properly for working life. Lesson plans and contents are prepared with the aid of the Consultative Committees. Prepared lesson plans will be reviewed each year. Consultative Committees will also help students gain industrial experience. Departments’ curriculums have been prepared equivalent to 8 semesters curriculums of departments of engineering faculties. Except for one semester Workplace Training, there is a 60 days long Internship Program that is distributed within three summer periods. Students can continue their education outside PAU through 1 or 2 semesters with ERASMUS (international) and FARABI (domestic) student exchange programs.