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Science Education Department was established in 1997 in order to educate science teachers under the Primary Education Division within the Faculty of Education. The department, which gave the first graduates in 2001, has an average of 100 graduates per year. The students who graduated from the Science Education Department are currently working as Science Teachers in various regions of Turkey.


The main purposes of the Science Education Department are to educate teachers about having positive attitudes toward their profession, having qualifications required by their profession, being an appropriate model for the students in their personal and professional lives, monitoring the developments regarding working fields, developing their knowledge and skills constantly, using the time efficiently and having effective communication skills. Another purpose of the department is to train teachers who can generate new knowledge and use it with technology, creativity, and the ability to solve our country's problems. The scientific studies carried out by the academicians of the department aim to follow innovations in the field of science education, seek solutions to problems, and contribute to the increase in the quality of education.

Admission Requirements

Individuals who get enough scores from the Higher Education Entrance Exam can become students of this department.

Graduation Requirements

The program of Science Education Department is a 192-hour program with 147 hours of theoretical courses and 45 hours of practical courses. The program includes 4 years and 8 semesters. It is obligatory to get a minimum of a C from all courses and to achieve a 2.30 average in order to graduate from the program. The language of the program is Turkish.

Employment Opportunities

Graduate students can work as science teachers in public or private schools.

Earned Degree

Graduates who successfully complete the program by fulfilling all the requirements receive a “Bachelor of Science Teaching” degree.

Recognition of Previous Training

The provisions of the “Regulations on the Principles of Transfer, Double Major, Minor and Inter-Institutional Credit Transfer between Associate Degree and Undergraduate Degree Programs in Higher Education Institutions” are applied to students who want to transfer from another higher education institute in Turkey to Pamukkale University. The Common Compulsory Foreign Language Courses Exemption Exam is held at the beginning of the fall semester on the date determined in the academic calendar. No makeup exam is allowed for this exam. Students of faculties/ vocational schools who don’t have a preparatory program enter the Common Compulsory Foreign Language Courses Exemption Exam. Moreover, students who enroll for the first time in departments with preparatory programs can enter the exam to determine their proficiency levels before the academic period starts. Students are classified under the groups of Beginner, Intermediate-Lower Level, and Intermediate level according to their exam scores, or those who have enough scores are exempted from preparatory education. The Directorate of the Graduate School determines the score ranges of these groups. Students who will take the exemption exam apply to the respective department within the period determined in the academic calendar. Exam results are announced on the website of the School of Foreign Languages. Students who do not take the exam among those who enroll in the departments with compulsory preparatory education start their education at the beginning level.

Transition to Graduate Programs

Students who have successfully completed their undergraduate education can study in graduate programs (Master of Science and Ph.D.) by providing that they get a valid grade from the Academic Staff and Postgraduate Education Exam and have a sufficient English language level.

Working Way

Full time

Exams, Assessment, and Evaluation

The measurement and evaluation method for each course is detailed in the “Course Plan- ECTS” part.