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Purpose of Foreign Trade Program: Foreign trade program which aims train personel for work in sector related to import and export-oriented banking, transport, customs

Lessons to be learned: Exports and imports in the foreign trade program applications, taxation and accounting, customs regulations, basic economics, business, accounting, law, trade law, international marketing, international transport, logistics and professional English...

Period of study: 2 years

Required qualifications: disciplined, responsible, entrepreneurial spirit and have the ability to think analytically. monitoring of changes in foreign trade and customs legislation and the development of foreign language proficiency level required is obvious.

Those who graduated from foreign trade program 'Foreign Trade Clerk' is awarded.

Working area: import and export firms, Finance and Customs under the Ministry of organizations, trade and industry chambers, banks and financial institutions (especially foreign exchange departments), export and / or imports engaged private firms, foreign trade departments, insurance, customs and foreign trade consulting agencies, transport companies