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Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services


Purpose of Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services:  qualified staff to train for tourism sector, examine innovations in the tourism sector

consistently, in cooperation and coordination with the tourism sector, contribute to the solution of problems that occur in sector

Providing education in the field of national and international tourism, cooperation with educational institutions in similar status

Lessons to be learned: front office, housekeeping, hotel automation programs, cost analysis, professional extraneous language

menu planning, food and beverage service, information and communication technologies, tourism in general

staying in communication, English, business math

Period of study: 2 years

Required qualifications: English and computer knowledge, eager to learn foreign languages, disciplined, responsible

entrepreneurial spirit and have the ability to think analytically, honest and disciplined, compatible to teamwork.

Tourism and Hotel Management Program graduates receive the title of Tourism clerk.

Working area: in tourism and travel businesses,departments all hotels, restaurants, catering companies

food and beverage companies, marketing firms