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Dear students,

University is one of the most important choices which will deeply affect all your life. Vocational schools have recently become particularly desirable through their intensive and professional courses which provide the graduates with quick job placements. Buldan Vocational School in 2013-2014 academic year offers the following courses and will enroll 745 new students:

Accounting and Tax Practices (daytime classes and evening classes)

Foreign trade (daytime classes and evening classes)

Banking and insurance (daytime classes and evening classes)

Office management and Executive Assistant (daytime classes and evening classes)

Fashion design (daytime classes and evening classes)

Architectural restoration (daytime classes)

Clothing production technology (daytime classes)

Marketing (daytime classes)

Dear students, while choosing your college there are some important factors that you need to pay attention to and I would like to briefly specify why Buldan and Buldan Vocational School can be the right place for you.  Buldan is a rather peaceful and safe residential area.  Buldan and Buldan vocational school are very safe for our students as the places are being controlled by security cameras for 24 hours. Buldan is a very safe place where families can send their children by complacency and students will feel very comfortable.

Buldan is known as the capital of weaving and textiles and has a very long history. Buldan has a very central location as from Buldan to Aydin it is 110 km, 180 km is to Izmir, to Afyon and Antalya it is 250 km and it is 130 km away from Usak, too.


Housing and Transportation

Buldan has a modern state dormitory with the capacity of 238 place (125 place for girls and 113 place for boys) built by Organization of Accredited Dormitories in 2012. Also there are many private dormitories; flats, houses for rent  located in Buldan. There won’t be problems in finding an accommodation for students. It is 40 km from Buldan to downtown Denizli and every twenty minutes a public transportation is available. Using private vehicles is extremely safe and there is a double road for it.

 Academic Staff and Equipments 

The school has a 22 well-educated and experienced        teaching staff. It has 14 classrooms, 2 modern lecture theatres with 110 places and  a projection, 3 computer labs, a library and a Conference Hall with 200 place and the Central cafeteria.

Quality management system and Education

Our school is targeting continuous improvement and on January 12, 2010 the Turkish Standards Institute EN ISO 9001 has awarded with the Quality Management System Certificate (TSA) The school is offering an education according to the Quality Management Standard.

Social Activities 

There are variety of Social Activities for our students. It has theatre club, folk dances, field and trip activities and various sports events such as football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess and backgammon tournaments.

Job Opportunities and Transfers

In addition to the inquired knowledge, after graduation,  students have various job opportunities and they also can transfer to a 4-year undergraduate programs through Transfer Exam. Each year, students from vocational schools are being transfered to undergraduate programs.


There are 20 computers available for students and there is free internet access. There is also a wireless network access for personal use of students in the campus area.

Dear students,

         Buldan Vocational School is a place where you will feel secure and peaceful, with variety housing options and perfect location. It has experienced and well- educated faculty who offer an education according to the quality standards of education and training.  You can also attend to social and sportive activities. After graduation, the possibility of finding a job is high and Transfer Exam offers you to continue your higher education in a 4-year undergraduate programme. We invite you to study in Vocational Buldan School.

We hope to see you in 2013-2014 academic year in Vocational Buldan School...

Pamukkale University

Director of Buldan Vocational School