To teach the students the fundamentals of mathematics and physics , to give the basic knowledge and abilities for industry and technlogy , and to prepare the students for master of science.



To create a department of graduates having  the equipment and fame which can compete on iternational grounds .


Mission :

To create physicists who can comment nature and mathematics together.


License : The department  accepts 15 students every  year .total student number of  the department is 100.

Master’s degree : the department accepts 9-10 students every year.

Phd : This program was opened in september 2008 and it acccept students.



The  department was established in 1992 and started to accept students in 1994.


Research activities


  • investigation of electrical and magnetic qualities of superconductors.
  • Spinor, dilaton and gravitation models in non-Riemann space time .
  • İnvestigation of the structures and thermodynamic and conduction properties of metals and alloys with the method of molecular dynamic similation .
  • To make age predictions with the method of photo stimulation of luminesance
  • Crystal growing  , and  defining its  electrical and optic properties .
  • Thin films made with thermal evaporation and defining their electrical and optic properties
  • The investigation of the harms on the chemical and biological specimen exposed to Gamma rays.