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A- Info for the Transportation from Denizli Çardak Airport to Pamukkale University

Denizli Çardak airport is 65 kilometers far away from the city center of Denizli. There are flights from İstanbul to Denizli Çardak Airport everyday, two times a day (one flight in the morning and one flight in the evening). When you arrive in Çardak Airport there are two options to come to Denizli city center.

(We recommend to check local route from Istanbul to Denizli with Turkish Airlines, please log on for flight schedule and reservation)

1) Hiring a taxi from Denizli Çardak Airport

A fast option to come directly to Pamukkale University is to hire airport taxi. There are plenty of yellow taxi in front of the airport.  (If you come as a group, it will be cheaper).  

  • If you share the taxi with other passengers it costs around 30 Turkish Liras per person. (Taxi will drop you off at your hotel or at your residence, please present the hotel's address or your residence's address to the driver).
  • It takes 45 – 50 minutes to come to Pamukkale University.

2) HAVAŞ - Airport Bus

  • At Çardak Airport you can take Havaş or Baytur shuttle bus which comes directly to Denizli city center.Then you have to take public bus or taxi to come to Pamukkale University.
  • It takes about 45 minutes to come to Denizli city center which is called Çınar.  
  • It costs around 15-20 Turkish Liras per person.


B- Info for the Transportation from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport to Denizli Bus Station

İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport is located in the Gaziemir area of Izmir and it is 18 kilometers far away from the city center. When you arrive in Adnan Menderes Airport there are three main options to go to Izmir Inter-City Bus Station (IZOTAŞ) where you can get an inter-city bus to Denizli.

1) Public Bus – ESHOT

  •  You can take the public bus with number 204 from Airport public bus station.
  •  It takes around 45 minutes to go to Izmir Inter-City Bus Station which is the last stop of this bus.
  •  It costs 4 Turkish Liras per person.
  • You can find the schedule of ESHOT Public Bus No: 204 at this web site:

2) HAVAŞ - Airport Bus

  • You can take Havaş shuttle bus from Havaş bus station which is located next to the exit door of the airport.
  • There are busses that depart every half an hour.
  • It takes about 30 minutes to go to Izmir city center; you have to get out of the bus in front of Swiss Hotel at Alsancak. When you cross the road there are ticket sales points of inter-city bus companies.You can get your bus ticket to Denizli from there and take the service bus to IZOTAŞ Bus Station.
  • It costs around 15 Turkish Liras per person during the day and during night (between 24:00 and 06:00) it costs around 20 Turkish Liras.


  • You can also take a direct taxi from airport to IZOTAS Bus Station.
  • It can take 20 – 25 minutes depending on the urban traffic.
  • It costs around 70 Turkish Liras and it costs more expensive during night.


When you arrive at the IZOTAŞ Bus Station, you have to go to ground floor to take a bus which goes to Denizli. There are inter-city busses from Izmir to Denizli frequently, every half an hour. It costs around 35 Turkish Liras per person and it takes 3 hours and 15 minutes to come to Denizli.

C - Info for the Direct Transportation from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport to Pamukkale University

You can also come to Pamukkale University directly by hiring a taxi. There are two options for that.

1) Hiring a taxi from Izmir Adnan Menderes airport

  • At the Adnan Menderes Airport, it is possible to hire a taxi which will take you directly to Pamukkale University.
  • It costs around 500 Turkish Liras but you have to check it again at the airport taxi station.
  • It takes about 2 and a half hour by taxi.

2) Hiring a taxi from Denizli

  • To have a cheaper option for hiring a direct taxi which comes directly to Pamukkale University, you can get in contact with International Relations Office via e-mail or via telephone at least one day before your arrival.
  • Hiring a taxi from Denizli costs around 300 Turkish Liras.
  • It takes about 2 and a half hour by taxi.

D - Info for the Transportation from Antalya Airport to Denizli Bus Station

Antalya International Airport is located about 11 kilometres far from the city center.  When you arrive in Antalya Airport you will have to travel to Inter-City Bus Terminal (Autogar) in order to take an inter-city bus to Denizli.  There are 2 easy options to go to inter-city bus terminal (Autogar) by taking HAVAŞ Shuttle bus or taxi.

1) HAVAŞ - Airport Shuttle Bus

  • At Antalya airport you can take airport bus which will drop you in front of the Bus terminal (Autogar)
  • From International flight you will have to go to domestic exit.  Bus departures every 25 minutes.
  • From airport you will get off at Autogar, the bus will drop you only at the entrance of the autogar.
  • It costs around 15 TL per person.


  • You may take a taxi direct from airport to Inter-city bus terminal (Autogar).  Airport is only 11 kilometres from the bus-terminal.  Therefore, you may feel more convenient to take taxi if you have friends to share the fare.

3) Taking intercity bus to Denizli

When you arrive at the Inter-City bus terminal (Autogar), you have to buy ticket at the ticket counter to go Denizli.  There are several bus companies come to Denizli but the most common company we suggest you to take is Pamukkale Tourism (white and red color bus).  You can see from the website ( During 10am-17pm, there are buses every hour to Denizli.  You may purchase ticket online (use credit card) but since there are buses take off every hour to Denizli,we suggest you to buy ticket at the counter.  It costs around 30 TL per person.  It takes approximately 3 hours from Antalya to Denizli.

To learn bus schedule without buying ticket, go to

At online ticket

Kalkış - Choose Antalya

Varış - choose Denizli

Tarih - choose your arrival date

Then click at 'Sefer Sorgulama'.  You can see the bus schedule on the screen.


Here are the contact details of International Relations Office:

E-mails: or

Telephone numbers: 0090 258 296 3299 or 0090 258 296 2356

Have a nice journey!