General Agreements

Pamukkale University is developing relations in the fields of education and research with the purpose of fostering cooperation, mutual understanding and development. Protocols of cooperations have been developed in regards of these purposes.

The following terms of cooperation are envisaged:

  • - Short-term visits of senior members of staff for consultations, lectures and project planning,
  • - Long-term visits by research and technical staff for training, post-graduate studies or participation in joint research projects,
  • - Exchange of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students for education, practical training and participation in international programmes, and the students to be awarded with an academic recognition of their studies abroad,
  • - Mutual support in the planning and execution of excursions in the respective countries,
  • - Joint research projects and pilot projects,
  • - Support by the host university for the introduction of lectures in their language at Pamukkale University,
  • - Organisation of and participation in joint seminars, academic meetings, conferences, workshops and the like,
  • - Exchange of academic information, academic publications, textbooks and periodical literature between the two Universities,
  • - Cooperation in research and development,
  • - Reciprocal exchange of arts exhibitions.





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