International Relations Office

International Relations Office has been established in 2004 under the name of European Union Education and Youth Programs Office. Starting from February 11, 2010 our Office is called International Relations Office. Currently Office staff is composed of Institutional Coordinator; four Specialists and one Office Worker.

International Relations Office functions under the governance of Rectorship of Pamukkale University and works in close cooperation with the foreign universities and institutions of higher education.

Here are the main responsibilities of our Office:

1) Expanding and strengthening international relations of Pamukkale University

2) Developing international contacts and signing new exchange and cooperation agreements with foreign universities and institutions of higher education

3) Organising international exchanges

4) Encouraging the international mobility of students and staff

5) Supporting the requirements and needs of incoming / outgoing students and staff

6) Organising seminars, conferences and meetings on education and research programmes and funding opportunities