Mevlana staff mobility

Updated Date: 16 February 2018

The scope and duration of teaching staff mobility

 All instructors who work at the institutions of higher education in Turkey and abroad who have signed the Protocol of Mevlana Exchange Program, can participate in the staff mobility of Mevlana exchange program.

This mobility includes the education and training activities that a lecturer in a higher education institution will perform in another higher education institution.

The duration of teaching staff activity can be at least two weeks, at most three months, for one consecutive year in an academic year.

(3) The academic activities of the instructors within the scope of mobility can not be less than six hours in total per week. In the hourly calculation of the activities carried out by the teaching staff Lessons are taken into account.

If the course hours do not exceed six hours per week, academic activities such as seminars, panels or conferences will be assessed within this scope. Teaching mobility  that do not include lectures can not be evaluated under the Mevlana Exchange Program and is unacceptable for change.

(4) In order to carry out the staff teaching mobility effectively and efficiently, the scope, duration and conditions of mobility can be rearranged by the Higer Executive Board (YÖK) when necessary.