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The connoisseur of the jewelry sector Atasay Kamer, was born on 17 February 1943 as the son of Mustafa-Cemile Kamer couple in Denizli's Çivril province, Çatlar Neighborhood. Kamer completed his elementary education in Çivril, and continued his middle school education in İzmir Özel Türk Koleji and Çivril Middle school.

Atasay Kamer who started his career around then, left middle school at age 14 and started commerce. After a while he met his wife Keriman whom he continued his life journey with and got married at age 16. Atasay-Keriman Kamer couple had three children named Cemile, Canan and Cihan adlı within five years of their marriage. He moved to İstanbul when he was 23 and took the first step into the jewelry business in which he would have his name written in in golden letters in the future partnering with his brother Osman Kamer who already resided in İstanbul.  

Kamer travelled Turkey inch by inch for three years with a hot marketing method door-to-door known as “çantacılık” marketing jewelry products. In 1978 he withdrew from partnership with his brother and became the founder partner of Arpas between the years 1982-1991 and Asgold in 1987. In 1989 he lay down the foundations of Atasay Jewelry Company, the leader of jewelry sector today, with his son Cihan Kamer. Atasay Kamer with his intelligence, visionary, creative and progressive character led the jewelry sector to develop throughout his career and he is the first person to bring in the carat guarantee to the jewelry sector.

Kamer was the president of İstanbul Precious Mines and Jewelry Exporters Association between the years 2006-2008. He has a big role in the change and development of the Turkish jewelry sector from gold being seen as a means of investment to ornamental jewelry and from small workshop production to modern-industry production matching world standards. Kamer as one of the pioneers of sectoral export started exporting gold to the world to countries like Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Italy and The United States of America and represented the Turkish jeweler sector successfully. Kamer also known as a philanthropist turned helping others to a lifestyle. Today residing in İstanbul and North Carolina Kamer and his spouse Keriman Kamer have six grandchildren together.

Atasay Kamer's Principles

-Truthfulness, -Working hard, -Being helpful to others, -Continually discovering oneself and account for actions –Instill his principles to his children and environment.