The aim of this project is to create a self-training program that can serve as a basis for (future) employees and employers starting and running or working in a business in rural and regional tourism. The training programme will focus on the opportunities of rural & regional tourism for students, (older) employees threatened with unemployment & existing entrepreneurs and employees in tourism. It will include issues as customers’ attractions with complementary activities in rural and regional tourism, thermal tourism, balloon tour and a common heritage - Mediterranean cooking from Spain to Turkey. The most important rural and regional activities will be described giving the student especially VET students &/or (future) entrepreneur an idea how to start a company in that particular area. The training material will also be destined for self learning in the small to micro enterprises (SME) of the tourism-related service sector in rural & regional areas.


The project will also contribute to encourage new entrepreneurship possibilities in the sector of Regional Tourism.

Objectives are:

  1. To improve the knowledge, skills & competencies of the potential & existing entrepreneurs in the sector of Regional Tourism. This will be done by the transfer of existing training modules & materials, developed by the partners in the AMBER project & its adjustment to the needs of regional population in Turkey
  2. To improve the quality of products & services in the SME tourism sector through improvement of skills & competencies related to the future needs of the labor market
  3. To develop new tourist products & services in the sector of Regional tourism, with purpose to create new services & attracting in this way more tourist to the areas of all involved partners (balloon tour, thermal tourism, A common heritage - Mediterranean cooking from Spain to Turkey)
  4. To make especially women & older with unemployment threatened employees aware of new possibilities to obtain a job in tourism or to be a starting entrepreneur. This is challenging for all partners involved.
  5. Contribute to trans cultural understanding in the Mediterranean, making each country's cultural heritage an ambassador through pinpointing common elements all over the region.
  6. To students especially VET students, introduce (future) employees & employers starting & running or working in a business in rural & regional tourism sector to the national & international (European) standards for regional tourism.