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    Tourism Guidance

    Head of Department

    Kamil YAĞCI, PhD

    Phone: 0 258 296 74 56


    Naci POLAT, PhD

    Phone: 0 258 296 74 58



    Şeyma AY ARÇIN, PhD, PhD


    Phone: 0 258 296 74 66



    Semih ARICI, PhD


    Phone: 0 258 296 74 62



    General Information

    The undergraduate (Bachelor's Degree) programme in TOURİSM GUIDANCE (First Cycle in QF-EHEA and 6th level in TYYÇ-NQF-HETR ) is an academically-oriented programme giving access to degree and non-degree research programs and professional practice which both provide and demandi a high levels of knowledge and skills. The classification of the program with respect to "ISCED (The International Standard Classification of Education) 2011" and "NQF-HETR (The Turkish Qualifications Framework for HE)" and the codes of the fields of education can be listed as follows:: • ISCED Field of Education: 81 – Personal Services • ISCED 2011 Level: 6, Orientation (Profile): 64, Subcategory: 645 - Academically-oriented "first cycle", bachelor's degree • NQF-HETR Field of Education: 81 – Personal Services • NQF-HETR Profile of Education: Academically-oriented "first cycle", bachelor's degree.


    The graduates of this programme are expected: to understand the problems which are faced in the sector and developing practically solutions to those problems comprehend basic concepts, cases, phenomenon about Tourism, Travel Management, and Tourism Guiding. to acheive a high level of analytical thinking, critical thinking, and analytical thinking skills. to create a scientific research project which demonstrates the evaluation and presentation of both quantitative and qualitative research and data. to obtain general knowledge and skills about travel agencies and tour operators. to perform valuable customer service skills, effective delivery of excellent customer service, and how to apply it to tourism professions to ensure the highest level of visitor satisfaction. to use basic business information and terminology. to acquire a knowledge of the alternative tourism areas and recognize cultural differences, and how to understand and communicate effectively with different cultures to achieve common goals and avoid unnecessary conflicts. to analyze travel businesses’ operating costs and have the competence to prepare tour plans and calculate tour costs.