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         Department of Tourism Management

     Prof. Dr. Nuray Selma ÖZDİPÇİNER

    Phone: 0 258 296 74 43


      Assoc. Prof. Serkan BERTAN

    Phone: 0 258 296 74 57


      Assist. Prof. Murat BAYRAM

    Phone: 0 258 296 74 61


     Assist. Prof. Serap ALKAYA 

    Phone:  0 258 296 74 63


      Assist. Prof. Engin TAŞKIN

    Phone: 0 258 296 74 68


    Lecturer Gülser KUMSAR

    Phone: 0 258 296 74 65


      Mehmet ERTAŞ, PhD 

    Phone: 0 258 296 74 71


     Burçin KIRLAR CAN

    Phone: 0 258 296 74 75


      Emre ATİK 

    Phone:  0 258 296 74 72


              Nisan YOZUKMAZ

    Phone:  0 258 296 74 74


      Özge KOCABULUT 

    Phone:  0 258 296 74 70




    General Information:

    Department of Tourism Management is in the status of four-year college offering undergraduate level university education. Education and training is being carried out in the departments of Hotel Management and Food and Beverage Management Departments since the academic year of 2009-2010. An intensive foreign language program is being applied from the first class of the education and at the same time second foreign language is obligatory for students.

    The Aims of Tourism Management

    Department of Tourism Management aims to educate individuals who are well-qualified and who can work all over the world in the field of tourism which is needed in Turkey and global world. Besides it aims making researches in Tourism field. It also aims to provide well-qualified and high level education that can compete with all institutions which provide education in tourism field.

    Mission of the Department of Tourism Management:

    The mission of the department ofTourism Management is to educate students in line with theoretical and practical information and professional skills required in tourism industry (in hotel and travel management fields). Another purpose of this department is to follow and have an impact upon latest trends in tourism industry, to contribute with innovations to the industry with cooperation with other national and international educational institutions and all tourism shareholders.

    Main Courses for Students:

    Tourism Marketing, Tourism Economics, Tourism Sociology, Hotel Management, Front Office Management, Housekeeping Management, Travel Agency and Tour Operation Management, Tour Guiding, Hotel Software Programs, Tour Management, Recreation, Tourism and Environment, Thermal Tourism, International Tourism Movements, Consumer Relations Management in Tourism, Culture and Tourism, Public Relations in Tourism, Tourism Anthropology, Business English…

    Period of Study:

    4 years

    Required Qualifications:

    Basic English and computer knowledge, enthusiasm towards learning and developing foreign language skills, having an entrepreneurial and outgoing spirit, believing in being a “world citizen”.

    Working Areas for Graduates of the Department of Tourism Management:

    The graduates of this department can work in various departments at hotels such as Human Resources, Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, Front Office, Accounting and also in travel agencies, tour operator companies, public tourism institutions.