Faculty of Medicine

Which is our three main studies education, research and health care services in accordance with the principles of Atatürk in the community
and humanity is to do useful work.

Education: Ethical and deontological rules-based, learning, learning, sufficient knowledge, with accurate diagnosis, which can be necessary treatment of the location within the means capable of applying public health and preventive medicine in the foreground, the right can be contacted, improving themselves capable, teamwork, the importance of knowledge, necessary to assume a leading role, in line with the needs of society is to train qualified and competent physicians.
Research: accepted at the international level, contributing to the development of medical science is to conduct research.
Health Services: Contemporary, is to provide quality health care.

Our vision, medical education, research and our world-class faculty in the field of health services to move; the policies that produce about three policies contribute to our country and international level with these applications is to be among the leading medical schools.