A rapidly changing, high-quality, flexible, student-centered educational system is applied.


The University of Pamukkale, Denizli, was founded in 1992. It was a part of Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Engineering, School of Higher Vocational Education, and School of Medicine until 1992.


The mission of the university is to educate young minds in a modern, well-informed, creative and entrepreneurial way. In subjects such as medicine, engineering, economics and administrative sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, fine arts, education and technical training.


31,000 Students

1500 Scholars

Professors: 118

Deans: 141

Deputy Deans: 342

Instructors: 244

Lecturers: 62

Research Assistants: 547

Experts: 45

We are a recognized member of the International Organizations.


 We have signed the Magna Carta Universitatum.  And are an active member of The European University Association and the International Association of Universities. In 2009, we successfully passed the external assessment process of the European University Association. Our University's international relations, bilateral cooperation’s and joint project works are increasing with each passing day. The 119Treaty of Erasmus has also been signed.


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