International (Foreign) Student 3rd Preference Applications

Updated Date: 03 October 2022, 9:24 AM

International (Foreign) Student 3rd Preference Applications

Preference Applications start on  October 3rd, 2022 at 11.00 according to Turkish time.


Application deadline for candidates is October 21st, 2022! It will end at 23:59 according to Turkish time.


Candidates who are eligible to be placed in a program do not have the right to choose in their next placement applications!


Your Preferences will not be accepted without paying the Preference Application Fee!


Candidates to Prefer with PAUYOS Exam Results

* Candidates who took PAUYOS exam can submit their preferences with the user name and password sent to their e-mails during the application.
* Candidates are required to take at least 40 full points from the PAUYOS Exam to submit their preferences.
* Please click here to apply for preferences with PAUYOS Exam Result.

Candidates to Prefer with Other Exam Results/ Diploma

Click here for the types of foreign student exams (YÖS) you can use before applying.

Click here for the types of exams you can use before applying.

Required Documents for Application:

* Passport or identity,
* Notarized certificate of high school diploma or certificate of learning at high school level in Turkish (Educational status certificate for the students who are about to graduate),
* Detailed certificate of identity register copy for those with double nationality,
* Blue Card for Blue Card Holders,
* A document indicating that all of the high school education was abroad for those Turkish nationals studying abroad.

* A document showing that candidates who are Turkish citizens and have studied the entire high school abroad have entered the country and left it during their education period. (Can be obtained from the police or e-government)
* Exam result document

*Payment fee receipt

Click here  to apply for preference with other exam types.

   Important notes :

 * When making the payment, MEMBERSHIP NO, NAME SURNAME will be written in    the explanation part. Otherwise, the application will not be accepted.

 * Candidates who have scored less than 40 full points in PAUYOS can apply with a different exam score.
 * Candidates have 5 rights to choose.
 * Application process is done online via the website. Applications made by mail or cargo will not be evaluated.

  * Only YÖS results entered in the last 1 year will be accepted. YÖS results without a verification code will not be accepted!

PASSPORT NUMBER should be entered as T473133343IRN9303140M2310222<<<<<<<<<<<<<<02. Otherwise, the application cannot be made.



Preference Application Principles

* Candidates who get 40 or more points in PAUYOS 2022 are not charged an application fee.

Candidates with a score of less than 40 in PAUYOS 2022 will be charged a preference fee.

Candidates who apply with a diploma score are charged a preference fee.

Candidates who apply with another exam score will be charged a preference fee.

* Candidates will apply online from the system after depositing the application fee to the account numbers given below (Membership Number and Name-Surname written in the explanation field on the receipt must be the same as in the application).

* After completing the application form in the system and uploading the necessary documents to the system, it will be possible to apply for preference after becoming a member.

* The application of candidates who do not pay the Preference Application fee and who are found to have deficiencies in their document-information will be deemed invalid.

* Bank charges belong to the applicant.

* After applying to the university; the application fees of the candidates who withdraw their application, whose application is not evaluated for any reason, who do not meet the application conditions, and who cannot be placed in a program, are not refunded.

Account Number to which Preference Application Fee will be deposited:


Preference Application Fee

500 TL

The name of the Bank

:T. Halk Bank


:Pamukkale University Branch



TR82 0001 2001 4630 0006 0001 67


Pamukkale University

Swift Code