Announcement on National Electronic Notification System for Residence Permit Extension Applications

Updated Date: 15 April 2024, 10:27 AM

Pursuant to the Notification Law No. 7201 and the Electronic Notification Regulation No. 30617, the National Electronic Notification System (UETS) was established for the sending and delivery of notifications to individuals.
In the same direction, UETS address will be requested in residence permit extension applications among the works and transactions to be carried out by the Directorate of Migration Management regarding foreigners, and in this regard, as of April 15, 2024, foreigners will be requested to include the UETS application form in their files to be submitted on the appointment day.
For foreigners under 18 years of age, the residence permit evaluation results will be based on the UETS addresses of their parents or guardians. Children are not required to declare a UETS address.
Foreigners can use their UETS addresses as;
-Passport and foreign identity number,
-GSM number
-They will be able to receive them from PTT branches after submitting a valid e-mail address and filling in the UETS application form.
Foreigners with e-signature will be able to apply for UETS online at
It is respectfully announced to the public.