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In Music Education Program in parallel to its main mission, which is to educate its students as primary, secondary and high school music teachers who trigger their students to gain basic concepts of art education, the curriculum allows the prospective music teachers to develop their musical writing/creativity and musical expression and do researches about music theory, voice training and instrument training.

The concepts of general knowledge education, pedagogical proficiency and music culture have taken places in the lectures and supported by trips, observations, seminars and concerts. Besides, fundamental music courses, undergraduate degree program has been held with instrument courses, singing courses, chamber music courses, instrumental assembles of the school courses and choir courses in the study rooms and classrooms of the department, and concert hall. In the process of the undergraduate degree program the students should perform actively in solo, choir and orchestra/chamber music concerts.

It is to educate the students as efficient music teachers who will give qualified music education to our society, children and youth in parallel with the developments of the 21st century; as having analytical thinking ability and efficient theoretical background and using his/her voice and playing his/her instrument efficiently.

It is to develop its students cognitive, sensual, and physical and creator parts and educate them as successful individuals with modern values.