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Pamukkale University Faculty of Education, Education of Fine Arts Department, Music Education Program founded in 1995 and it started to have undergraduate degree education at 1995-1996 academic year with its 5 lecturers and 20 students. Lectures the undergraduate and graduate degree programs are held in Turkish. The Music Education Program offers both bachelor’s and master degree in instrumental, vocal music and music theory. The main purpose of the program which has attended many musical activities both inside and outside of the university is to make relevant and meaningful contributions to the developing process of Turkish music. Every year 30 students registers to the undergraduate degree program after an entrance exam which is a test to identify the music skills of the students. It is necessary for pre-registration to take 150 points from YGS  (Higher Education Examination).

In the program, there are 18 members of academic staff with different degrees as 7 professors, 9 lecturers and 2 research assistant. 15 graduate students and 148 undergraduate students have been proceeding their studies.