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Employment Facilities


Graduates of Department of Fine Arts Education (DFAE), Music Education Program, in case of being successful in Public Personnel Selection Exam, can work at primary, secondary, high and their equivalent schools which are under the control of the Ministry of Education. They can also work as music instructors in education faculties, DFAE music education programs, state conservatories and departments of fine arts which are under the control of university central administration, can be assigned to Anatolian Schools of Fine Arts with an exam, can be a musician in music assembles (choirs and orchestras) or a specialist and music programmer at Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education and Turkish Radio and Television Company. Alumnus and alumnae who are apart from these mentioned above can work at production and publication companies which are either directly or indirectly related to music education, or can work in both state or private music education institutions, and additionally, they can study on music education graduate programs and they can work as researchers at higher education institutions.