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    The Mission and Vision of the Department


    Mission and Vision:

    Our mission is to be a department which improves and updates its syllabus by the actual developments, strengthens international ties through the exchange programs and establishes and improves cooperation with academic and professional partners and addresses the issues of cultural and natural heritage, ethical values and public interest.


    Academic Mission:

    Our academic mission is to train the graduate and post graduate students of spatial planning to utilize and implement scientific knowledge for public interest.


    Institutional Mission:

    Our institutional mission is to establish a strong collaboration with national and international partners in spatial planning, to develop solutions for actual planning problems, to contribute to the participatory projects of civil society and to train the students of spatial planning which play an important role in these projects.


    Educational Mission:

    Our educational mission is to train creative and innovative students of spatial planning which can develop rational solutions for actual planning problems, which can utilize the scientific knowledge for implementation projects and which can take an active role in the interdisciplinary projects of spatial planning.


    Urban and Regional Planner:

    An urban planner is a professionalist graduated from a four year program on spatial planning and affiliated to the Chamber of City Planners in TMMOB (the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects). In the global world, urban planners are expected to play a key and exemplary role for solving socio-economic, cultural, physical and institutional problems of both built and natural environments.


    Required Qualifications:

    An urban planner is required and expected to have some qualifications specific to spatial planning:

    - To be aware of the importance of protecting the assets of cultural and natural heritage,

    - To put emphasis on issues of social justice, public interest, aesthetic values and functionality,

    - To have a talent for team working,

    - To take an active role in the interdisciplinary projects,

    - To guide and contribute the participatory projects of civil society,

    - To have a talent for social and analytical thinking,

    - To have a talent for using new technology in meaningful ways,

    -  To be responsive to the actual problems of built and natural environments,

    -  To have a critical viewpoint on matters affecting the performance of spatial planning projects and civil society participation,

    -  To have a talent for visual and verbal expression.


    Professional Titles of Graduates

    The graduates of the department of city and regional planning get bachelor’s degree and a title of urban planner.


    Professional Fields for Graduates


    Professional Topics: urban planning, regional development and planning, rural development, transportation planning, urban design, urban renewal, urban preservation, geographic information systems, spatial statistics, sustainable development, environmental protection, urban sociology, urban and regional policy, urban and regional economics, urban geography, urban history, urban archeology, environmental psychology and other relevant topics of spatial planning.


    Professional Fields

    Selected Public Sector Institutions:

    -  Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning

    -  Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications

    -  Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

    -  Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs

    -  Ministry of Culture and Tourism

    -  Ministry of Development

    -  Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology

    - Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKI)

    - General Directorate of Provincial Bank (ILBANK)

    -  General Directorate of Highways

    - General Directorate of Natural Heritage

    -  Municipalities

    -  Governorates

    -  Universities

    -  Research and Development Institutions


    Selected Private Sector Institutions:

    -  Urban and regional planning, urban design and architecture companies

    -  Building companies

    -  Building departments of holding companies

    -  Real estate appraisal companies

    -  Banks and financial institutions