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    Department  was established as a  part of the Faculty of Architecture and Design  in 2010. The Scientific research and the  educational  preparation has been carried out with a total of 06 academic staff consisting of  01 associate professors  01 assistant professors and 04 research assistants (OYP).


    During the four-year training program of  the department of landscape architecture;

     * Planning, designing, repairing, protection, management, ecological restoration and application-oriented courses

    * Courses for the introduction and the usage  of structural and vegetative material

    * Courses  related to  Landscaping techniques

    * Courses Originated from the natural and social sciences

    * Complementary courses, cultural courses and optional courses will be  located


    At the end of the training process of Landscape Architecture the students  will achieve the  gains which  are given below;

     * The ability to create functional and aesthetic  solutions based on the power of thinking on the line of artistic / creative talent and on the line of logic and reason in the work of landscape planning and design in all sizes which consisting  interaction between man and nature.

    *Carrying the skills of  Efficient, analytical, technical, communication (expressing by speaking, writing, graphics, and drawings ) and consulting.

    * Ability to work independently,as a landscape architect being able to work within  interdisciplinary  design and planning teams and  to be integrated with them.

    *Having the capabilities to understand the issues of  ecological, cultural, economic  and land management with the connection of needed  studies and their variety related to public and private sectors.

    *Having sufficient knowledge and being specialized about technical equipment which is designed for  understanding planning and design applications and their results(Computer Aided Design,Modeling Programs,Geographic  Information Systems,Remote Sensing Technology) and being able to internalize the recent developments immediately.



    The vision of our department has been giving direction to our education programme by organizing our professional programme which is recognized at national and international scale with its quality of educational activities and its originality of researches and having student -centered teaching approach, having an active role in national and international institutions and activities about landscape architecture,being conscious on improving national and international academic partnerships which are  education and research oriented,being respectful for universal values,adopted to the principles of the total quality management.

    To construct a strong structure which can respond immediately to the needs of the sector and which is respectful to the people ,environment and the principles of architecture and engineering within a permanant change and development by transporting the vocational knowledge of the students to the future.



    While attending to the life and to the culture  in the  historical process,our department, which showing an open structure to the national and international education in accordance with the requirements of the present day,  is in coordination with other professional groups.

     * Being competent in designing environment and in protecting it with producing planning and application projects by giving importance  both to the needs of people and to environmental values.

    * Having the knowledge and the ability in creating sustainable and ecological living spaces which have high visual qualities according to natural,culturel and social environment analysis and synthesis based on the respect for social needs and the protection of natural and cultural landscape . 

     * Being able to produce solutions to environmental problems

    * To make up a principle of abiding ethical values and especially environmental ethics.

    * Following the development of the world and his country closely.

    * Generating alternative solutions to the problems of the local ,regional and national landscape by research activities.

    * Contributing to the development of science and technology,

    * Internalize the theory and practice

    * Understand  the importance of self-improvement and renovation by life-long

    * Being able to use the information and communication technologies in high-level,

    * Thinking analytical and critical and being qualified, talented, enterprising and dynamic

    * Having the conscious of educating Landscape Architects.