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    The Vocational School of Technical Sciences of Denizli has been established in 1987-88 academic year with the Textile and Electrical programs as a part of Dokuz Eylül University. In 1992, Fashion Apparel Program was opened. In 2002, the Technical Programs Department was formed by the establishment of the Program of Curriculum Development of Vocational Schools of Higher Education and Vocational High School, and the Textile and Fashion Ready-to-Wear Program were re-structured under the name of Textile Program. In 2011-2012 academic year, Denizli Technical Sciences Vocational School of Design continued to provide education with the Fashion Design program. She continues her education with Graphic Design Program opened in 2012-13 Academic Year.


    Design education is based on an understanding that aims to contribute to the prosperity of the society by designing a bridge between the fine arts and industry and by designing the products produced by the industry with artist sensitivity and social awareness. In the design education, different art and design areas are blended in an interdisciplinary environment. Thus, our goal is to train designers who have a high potential and are closely following the technology in today's business world where the divisive lines between these different fields of art and design are melting.


    The aim of the Design Department is to provide art and design education to designer candidates at the international level during the two-year training program; to develop solutions to the problems of the national industry through design by educating the community by educating the society by producing continuous information through continuous research; aims to support technological and scientific development in accordance with national and international expectations and needs.